ElimuTanzania is an online platform that employs technology to provide access to a variety of educational material & content to Tanzanian students in preparation for their national exams.

The platform enables learners to take tests, access an extensive library of past examination papers, access the latest syllabi for their class, view examination results & do a lot more. All our content is based on the Tanzanian national academic curriculum at the secondary level & is designed to stimulate & personalize the learning experience outside of school.



To provide free & top quality online educational content for secondary school students across Tanzania to enable them to perform better in examinations.



To be the main source for secondary learning on the internet available from anywhere and without charge.


-Encourage the use of computers & technology in education (integrate technology with education) in order to increase computer literacy in the country.

-Promote & make the younger generation aware of the recently formulated Sustainable Development Goals & their importance.

-Inspire self-learning by engaging students to take charge of their own learning

-Empower secondary school students to take responsibility for their own educational outcomes & explore new knowledge freely.

-Enable students to learn at their own pace & at their own time, thus enabling them to focus on their weaknesses, turning them into strengths.

-To address common problems faced by African students including shortage of teachers & focus on traditional learning methods.