Our Partners


“Jielimishe Kwanza” –“Educate oneself first” in English translation, is a registered company operating as Social enterprise devoted to develop human potential and inspire action.

The venture involves number of disciplines and being the umbrella of expertise cutting across environment, education, health, business, economics, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, employment and poverty alleviation issues, Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

In the beginning of its operation, ”Jielimishe Kwanza” started as a “blog” http://www.jielimishekwanza.blogspot.com to create community awareness on various issues of our concern for the sake of Inspiration-this is so as we believe that “Inspiration acts as fuel to start again with energy”.

They specialize in life coaching, people development, corporate and community training and Consultancy services.


StudyLink Tanzania Ltd takes great pride in offering you the best of services and guidance as you look ahead towards securing the most suitable study destination for yourselves or your loved ones.

STUDYLINK TANZANIA Ltd is an off-shoot of Rafiki Education, started in 2004 with the express aim of assisting students with their plans for higher education in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, South Africa, Mauritius, USA, Canada, Australia and Dubai. We are continuously in negotiations with institutions from newer destinations like China, Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, etc.

We offer the following Free Services:
• University/College Admissions                              For more information, visit- www.studylinktz.com/
• Visa Guidance

We also:
• Offer of departure briefing
• Arrange meetings between students going to the same university


The world around us has in the last decade become a staring into your phone world so to say. We have lost friends, networks outside of work environments, values and even passion for things that are a little different.

NjeVENTURE is an idea that was put together by 5 guys who decided to take matter into their own hands to create a space where people can meet, talk, discuss, network, share or just hangout. It came to realisation that this space was the outdoors.

NJE means ‘out’ in Kiswahili and VENTURE was what was left out of adventure, which was what was left after we took out ‘AD’.For more information, visit: www.njeventure.com


Africa Land Tour is a network and a platform for travel agencies around Africa. Our objective is to improve the level of tourism in Africa by encouraging people to visit African countries besides of going overseas.

We aim also to have a social impact by using our benefit to fund social project around the continent.For more information, visit – Africalandtour.com


Kijani is an organization founded and run by Tanzanian youth that aims to raise awareness about climate change, its economic, social and political impact on Tanzania and encourage youth involvement in this issue. We currently run a newsletter on our website and various other platforms. In the future, we plan to offer discussion panels, forums, outreach service projects and research opportunities through our growing network of members.

#KijaniniYetu #TanzanianiYetu

For more information, visit – http://kijaniniyetu.wixsite.com/kijanitz


We are WeMotion. We move people towards the future, towards each other, and we do not move alone…WeMotion is a global network that connects the new generation of young social entrepreneurs from different cultures around the world. It serves as a bridging platform, establishing mutual exchange of knowledge, inspiration and network. Our goal is to raise awareness on social entrepreneurship and contributes to our ambition: sharing business skills for intercultural partnerships & entrepreneurial empowerment. Are you socially responsible? Join the motion!

For more information, visit – www.wemotionnetwork.com/


My little travelling library is an initiative set up by two brothers – Innocent junior and Innocent senior – who bring mobile travel libraries full of children books to playgrounds and schools, to read stories to kids and get them involved in reading in a playful and interactive way.

What started for us as a nice and fun activity two years ago grew out into a real organization, which reaches now 3400 children in Mwanza. We currently have  12 travelling library carts, each run by their own cart manager with a help of local volunteers. This year there are around 45 local volunteers involved – mostly university students who have an affirmation with children or teaching – they use their free time between lectures to go to playfields or schools to read to the children or show them audio-visual materials about different topics (which is fun an colorful). The aim of my little travelling library is to make children enjoy learning and reading, to raise awareness about the importance of education and to make them familiar with English at a very early age.

For more info, visit-http://www.mylittletravellinglibrary.com/